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100% Accuri, BRENTWOOD - Mirror lens Goggles

100% Accuri, BRENTWOOD - Mirror lens Goggles

100% - Accuri Mirror Lens Goggles

Focus, a point at which an object must be situated with respect to a lens for an image to be well defined. A thin lens is all that stands in your way when you are focused. The Accuri can silently help you focus on your competition, enabling you the opportunity to leave it all on the track. 100%, the spirit of racing

•Simplicity: All 100% MX goggles share the same lens and tear-off profile
•Foam: Moisture managing triple layer foam
•Frame: Constructed out of flexible yet durable urethane
•Lens: Comes equipped with anti-fog, scratch resistant Lexan lens for unimpaired vision
•Strap: Oversized 45mm silicon coated strap holds your goggles motionless
•Fitment: Curvature suited for comfort
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